Christie Defends Berating Constituent For Asking If He Sends His Kids To Private School

On the Today Show this morning, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) defended his belittling of a constituent who asked the governor if he sends his kids to private or public school. Christie has slashed public education spending so severely that the state Supreme Court overruled him. However, when the woman called into a local TV interview Christie was giving this month to see if he understood first-hand the devastating effects of his cuts, the governor went off on the woman, angrily saying, “Hey Gail, you know what, first of all it’s none of your business.” Christie sends his kids to private school.

This morning, Today Show host Matt Lauer brought up the incident, asking, “Why isn’t it a fair question?” “Her point is completely ridiculous,” Chrisitie snapped, calling the woman “nonsensical.” Watch it (including video of the initial exchange):

Of course, as Lauer points out, these questions are relevant to ask of public officials and are hardly uncommon. President Obama, for instance, has spoken publicly at length about the conflict he feels in sending his daughters to private school, and about how it informs his policy thinking on education.


“I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school. Don’t bother me where I send mine,” Christie told the woman. She’s also not the governor.