Chuck Grassley Advocates Boycott Of Coca-Cola To Punish Company For Leaving ALEC

On April 4, Coca-Cola announced it was ending financial support for the American Legislative Exchange Council, the right-wing group behind “Stand Your Ground” laws and voter suppression efforts.

Now, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is advocating a boycott of the company:

The Grassley boycott could be quite extensive. Over the last few weeks, at least 11 other companies — including Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Kraft — announced they were severing ties with ALEC.


In response to the criticism, ALEC announced they were ending all “non-economic” activities. Unfortunately for ALEC, that hasn’t stopped the parade of defections, which most recently includes Blue Cross Blue Shield and Yum! Foods.


A reader notes that Coke operates bottling plants in Iowa, Grassley’s home state.