Citing Romney’s Climate Denial, Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman

The Boston Globe, one of the most influential papers for the New Hampshire primary, has endorsed Jon Huntsman over home-state Mitt Romney, in large part because of Romney’s climate denial. While Romney is “trying to appease enough constituencies to get himself the nomination, Huntsman has been bold,” the Boston Globe editors write. “He has stood up far more forcefully than Romney against those in his party who reject evolution and the science behind global warming.” The Globe gave special attention to Huntsman’s pro-climate record as Utah governor as well. “Strong economic growth put Utah in the top five in job creation during Huntsman’s tenure, while he gave tax credits to companies developing solar energy. He offered a sweeping school choice plan, and joined the Western Climate Initiative, which set goals for reducing greenhouse gases.” Although Huntsman has been less of a science-denier than Romney, he has similarly renounced his former support for cap-and-trade and climate action.