City Paper DC Mayor Poll

Sara Mead smartly observes that the Washington City Paper’s poll of DC residents challenges the conventional wisdom about the race in a number of ways.

First off, we know that Michelle Rhee’s tenure as schools chancellor has been controversial. And we know that most DCPS parents are African-American. And we know that most African-Americans are backing Vince Gray. So many assume that DCPS parents don’t like Rhee and don’t like Fenty. In fact, parents with kids currently in DCPS schools is one of Fenty’s best demographics:

Similarly, notwithstanding the stereotype of Fenty as a yuppie candidate, the city’s most underprivileged also seem to be backing him:

That “didn’t finish high school” demographic is 83 percent black and only 4 percent white. So even though Fenty is getting just 14 percent of the overall black vote, he must be doing quite well among the city’s least-educated African-Americans as well as with whites and Hispanics overall.


It should be said, this poll doesn’t have a huge sample so the margin of error on these internals is probably giant.