Civility breaks through the blogosphere

I do hope people will read through the comment section of the previous post (see here) — as I think we are getting down to defining the (serious) differences between me and Shellenberger and Nordhaus.

I will be doing a longer post today when I get back from speaking at ACEEE’s Energy Efficiency Finance Forum, April 10–11, 2008.

I will also be completing my debunking of the Pielke et al. Nature piece over the next few days. It has taken me quite some time to figure out the best way to explain all the reasons the piece is wrong. And it will take me three posts, not two as I had said.

Readers appear to be as happy as Ted and I are that civility has broken out on the blogosphere. But you know what they say about the lion laying down the with lamb — the lamb doesn’t get much sleep! Just kidding.