Clean Start: January 6, 2012

Welcome back to Clean Start, ThinkProgress Green’s morning round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Here is what we’re reading.

A rise in pollution in South Asia worsens winter smog, a clear rise over the last two decades. “Since 1990 onwards, there has been increase in the number of [smog-affected] days in northern India,” says BP Yadav, director of the Indian Meteorological Department. “It is not a linear trend showing an increase every year … But there are more years that have seen dense fogs.” [BBC]

A Republican New Hampshire conservative talks about why his party should care about climate change in this Climate Desk video on the GOP presidential field’s denial. [Climate Desk]

In a first for wind turbines, which can pose a danger to birds, the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service will legally permit them to kill up to three protected golden eagles over five years. However, whenever a turbine strikes a bird, the company will need to contribute to eagle breeding programs. [Discovery News]


As Pittsburgh rebuilds its image as a new science and technology hub, a coalition has taken on the task to clear the air to match the new reputation. [WSJ]

U.S. scientists hope to broaden research into climate change and its social effects but are constrained by increasingly tighter budgets. [CNN]

Two Illinois state universities will provide materials on wind energy for high school students next year. [Chicago Tribune]