Clean Start: June 1, 2011

Welcome to Clean Start, ThinkProgress Green’s morning round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Here is what we’re reading, what are you?

Losing Nemo: Ocean acidification threatens clownfish “because the rising acidity of the oceans is likely to cause baby clownfish to go deaf to the sounds made by potential predators, a study has found.” [The Independent]

Massey still hasn’t learned: Labor committee Reps. George Miller (D-CA) and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) have sent a letter to the CEO of Massey Energy, saying they are “troubled by indications that, as a Chief Executive, you could think that miners are fairly served by perpetuating Massey’s safety culture for even one minute longer.” [Dems]

Outlook: Cholera: “With recent deadly cholera outbreaks in Haiti and Cameroon providing the latest indication of a menacingly resurgent disease, scientists have discovered rain and temperature fluctuations in at-risk areas could predict epidemics months in advance.” [ScienceDaily]


NY frack attack: “New York State sued the U.S. government on Tuesday to demand a ban on gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin until an environmental impact study has been conducted to protect New York City’s water supply.” [Reuters]

Flooding in the Dakotas: Towns and cities in North and South Dakota, from Minot to Pierre, are threatened by the swelling Souris River, forcing the evacuations of thousands of people. [Huffington Post]

Energy-positive buildings: “Hydro Building Systems, a division of the Norwegian multinational aluminum giant Hydro, has confirmed” that a building constructed in 2009 in Bellenberg, Germany “produces about 80% more electric power than it consumes annually.” [William Petland]

Cheap solar: “Solar power may be cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear reactors within three to five years because of innovations, said Mark M. Little, the global research director for General Electric Co.” [Bloomberg]