Clean Start: September 8, 2011

Welcome to Clean Start, ThinkProgress Green’s morning round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Here is what we’re reading. What are you?

— Drenched and dispirited, East Coast residents recovering from Hurricane Irene were stuck under the chugging remnants of Tropical Storm Lee on Wednesday, some of them grudgingly preparing to move to higher ground again as rivers rose while others fled flash flooding. [HuffPo]

— Has belief in global warming become a purely partisan affair? It certainly looks that way: Most of the major Republican presidential candidates, save for the doomed Jon Huntsman, now say they don’t believe humans are warming the planet. The going theory is that they’re just representing their party. But the going theory might be wrong. [WaPo]

— The Obama administration’s scrapping of a proposed new rule that would toughen ozone standards has put lawyers involved in litigation over the existing regulations on alert. [Greenwire]


— SolarCity, one of the country’s largest residential solar energy system providers, plans to double the amount of rooftop installations across the country by setting up sun-powered systems on 160,000 homes and other buildings on military bases. [LAT]

— During more than an hour and 45 minutes of intense debate on Wednesday night, the Republican presidential candidates did not shy away from exchanging blows with each other. But some of the toughest criticism — and some of the most factually problematic — was reserved for the policies, programs, and principles traditionally associated with Democrats, from tackling climate change to broadening access to health care to providing retirement insurance for the elderly. [NYT]

— BP workers used fishing nets to scoop tar balls off Alabama’s Gulf Coast beaches yesterday after the sands were fouled by gooey, dark gobs churned up by heavy surf from tropical system Lee. [AP]

— Months before New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced the state was withdrawing from a pact aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions among 10 Northeastern states, he met with one of the billionaire oil industry brothers who have fought to end regional greenhouse gas initiatives. [AP]