Climate change threatens America, IPCC warns

Now you can read in full the IPPC’s report from Working Group II on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Find it here.

The report’s release coincides with eerie hints of our future in resource management. The water level of the Great Lakes — the largest freshwater reservoir in the world — has been unusually low recently. This is not entirely due to climate change, but is very likely exacerbated by it.

If you go to page 628 of the full report (page 12 of the North American chapter), you’ll be treated to a terrific chart on the interconnected impacts of increasingly low water levels in the Great Lakes (reprinted below). Impacts include decreased potential for hydropower, loss of habitat and species, difficult navigation, and issues with water quality and water access.

If you’re looking for general background on the IPCC report, you can follow Climate Progress’s coverage of this Working Group’s Summary for Policymakers, released in April. Here’s a post anticipating the Summary for Policymakers and then a three-part summary of the Summary for Policymakers: Part I, Part II, and Part III.


A somewhat more technical resource on the full report is Real Climate’s review, found here: Regional Climate Projections.