Climate News Roundup

In Greenland, Ice and Instability — New York Times, An Andrew Revkin article on the Greenland ice sheet’s accelerating melting (or erosion) rate. Revkin reports on the impact of ice and water flows on Greenland’s landscape and their often underestimated contribution to sea level rise. The article is a general introduction into the complex scientific questions now being explored about Greenland.

F.T.C. Asks if Carbon-Offset Money Is Well Spent — New York Times. “The [Federal Trade Commission] has not updated its environmental advertising guidelines, known as the Green Guides, since 1998. Back then, the agency did not create definitions for phrases that are common now — like renewable energy, carbon offsets and sustainability,” and it is growing wary of ‘greenwashing’ the impact of carbon offsets. As well they should!


Will nations build on climate-change momentum of 2007? — Christian Science Monitor. The CSM looks back and 2007 and ahead to 2008, reflecting primarily on the role of the White House and developing nations in the upcoming climate negotiations.WEF warns 2008 uncertainties may hurt climate fight — Reuters. “A stronger focus on turbulent financial markets and escalating geopolitical tension in 2008 could prompt governments and companies to neglect less immediate risks such as climate change and food security, the World Economic Forum warned. That, the Geneva-based group said, could make it even harder to deal with these critical, longer-term issues in the future.” This is the first year that both energy security and food security have been evaluated by (and become a central concern of) the WEF.Climate Change Fueling Malaria in Kenya, Experts Say — National Geographic News. This article discusses the role of climate change in malaria’s spread to regions in Kenya previously untouched by the disease, and it is most likely a forecast of circumstances that will become more and more common in the future.