Climate News Roundup

Extreme heat leads to wildifires, algae blooms and record highs — Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Montana is hot. Factoid: “At Gallatin Field airport Sunday, the mercury topped out at 105 degrees, shattering the record of 99 degrees for that date, set in 2006.” Nothng to worry about, Denyers, it is all merely a grand coincidence the last two years have been record-breaking just as atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are reaching record levels.

Howard announces emissions trading scheme for Australia — Radio New Zealand. Prime Minister Howard said “the new emissions scheme will help Australia substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost.” Oops — that leaves the United States as the only rich countries taking no serious action. Swiss glacier retreats at a rapid clip — Christian Science Monitor. “At this rate, by 2100 about 80 percent of the surface of the glacier will be gone,” says Ralph Logon, a Swiss geomorphologist and expert on glaciers. No worries, Denyers, this is only more evidence of the grand coincidence.


Solar Power Wins Enthusiasts but Not Money — New York Times. An interesting, if controversial article. But the bottom line is certainly true — without much more effort by the federal government, solar photovoltaics is likely to remain a relatively small part of the climate solutions picture.