Climate News Roundup

‘Ban all cars that do less than 35 mpg’ — The Scotsman. What better way to contrast our policy with Europe’s — we just recently (in the 2007 energy bill) passed legislation requiring 35 miles per gallon, while in Europe a former Shell chairman called for a ban of cars that get less than 35 mpg. Granted, the auto industries think his statement is “bizarre.” To explain (the statement is his response to a tax):

He said making people with less fuel-efficient cars pay more in road and fuel tax would simply let the rich avoid taking responsibility for tackling climate change.

Study Suggests That, Unlike in the ’70s, Energy Lessons Will Last — New York Times. “In a report scheduled for release Tuesday, the firm, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, concludes that multiple factors will continue pushing the world toward greater use of alternative energy sources like sun and wind power, regardless of what happens to oil prices.”

US move a blow to clean-coal project — The Age (Australia). Wow, even the Australians are a bit ticked and disappointed in FutureGen’s cancellation.