Climate Progress at two years: Thank you for the music!

“I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore….” Okay, my 18-month-old daughter is an ABBA fan. Go figure.

But if I am preaching to the choir, as Brewster worries, then I must say, thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

I wouldn’t be blogging this much if you all weren’t tuning in and writing all your comments. I wouldn’t be adding new features like “Must have PPTs” if it weren’t for the response. And I’m hoping to add yet another feature, podcasts, in time for my brother to do interviews at the Republican National Convention.

As for preaching to the choir, well, last month alone, the choir was over 115,000 unique visitors (triple last year at this time) reading 3.3 pages each. I do get plenty of deniers and doubters, but I have no illusions that we change their mind and since I won’t put up with their posting long-debunked disinformation, I suspect most don’t stick around long. We also get some undecideds.


But I’ve long thought that giving progressives the best information and best arguments with a vigorous debate is about all you can do in our current political climate.

That said, I lot of the media read this — which is one of the reasons I do so many media critiques.

And so do a lot of young people. They get here through Google, unexpectedly enough, mainly researching reports on polar bears. In fact, here are my most widely read posts year to date (with # of views in parens):

  1. Will polar bears go extinct by 2030? — Part II (78,000)
  2. Will polar bears go extinct by 2030? — Part I (57,000)
  3. More Humor: George Bush, Climate Activist (55,000)
  4. Global warming will spawn severe storms and tornados, reports NASA (46,000)

And those are all posts from last year!! So if you wonder why I write about polar bears so much, now you know.

My most widely read post this year is More conclusive proof of global warming (21,000). You know, it makes me smile every time I watch it. I guess that post elicits real schadenfreude, unlike the death of SUVs. So if you wonder why I do so much humor, now you know.


Other than search engines, I get the most links from Stumbleupon. I may drop the Digg button and replace it with Stumbleupon.

My Alexa ranking (which compares all websites in the world for traffic) dropped below 100,000 a couple of months ago for the first time. That ranking is very close to RealClimate and not that far from ClimateAudit. If you believe Alexa’s Page View ranking (and I’m not sure I do), than other than my recent vacation, I usually get more page views, which isn’t really a surprise because I blog a lot more often.

After my brother lost his home in Katrina, and I started interviewing climate experts for what turned into my book, I made a decision I would not pull any punches on global warming. If I have learned anything from the blog, it is that there is in fact a great hunger out there for the bluntest possible talk about the dire nature of our energy and climate situation, about the grave threat to our children and the next 50 generations unimaginably harsh climate impacts. And that is possibly the most reassuring thing I have learned in the past two years. Thank you all for that!