Climate Progress Kudos to …

The Aspen Skiing Company for launching their anti-global warming “Save Snow” campaign.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine, for releasing probably the most comprehensive depiction of how global warming would devastate Maine’s coastline — “President Bush’s family home on Walker’s Point could be completely submerged.” Note to self: Look up cosmic irony in Wikipedia to see if there is a link to this study.

Billionaire Richard Branson for making a pledge of $3 billion for climate solutions at the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Economist magazine for the kind of in-depth coverage of global warming that is all-too-rare in major general-interest magazines (other than Time magazine).


Katie Couric and CBS News, for running a story on global warming and arctic melting that doesn’t give precious airtime to misinformation from global warming Deniers.

James Hansen, for telling it like it is to CBS: “I think we have a very brief window of opportunity to deal with climate change, no longer than a decade at the most.”