Climate Progress on Earthbeat Radio

A good radio show this week on climate activism ending with a “roundtable” between me and Mike Tidwell about climate and the media:

On this edition of Earthbeat, co-host Mike Tidwell focuses on people who are jumping into action on global warming. First, an update on the No War No Warming movement. Ted Glick, the coordinator of the US Climate Emergency Council, and Nadine Bloch, the organizing director of Oil Change International, give us a front-line report from a recent action on Capitol Hill.

Then we jump forward to Power Shift. Thousands of college and high school students are converging on a university near Capitol Hill. The goal is to train a whole new generation of environmental leaders. Brianna Cayo Cotter and Shadia Wood of Energy Action come by the Earthbeat studios at WPFW for an update on the action.

Finally, Joe Romm stops by to discuss the connection between wildfires, droughts, and White House censorship on climate change. Joe is the author of the book Hell and High Water and a blogger for the website Climate Progress.


Download this edition of Earthbeat.