Closing Credits and Netroots Nation

I’m going. If you’ll be there and want to hang out, I imagine we could set up some kind of pop-culture happy hour thing. Or alternatively, if there are panels you’d like me to check out and report back on, holler. Regular posting may be mildly slower than usual, as I make up for lost time at the 2008 Republican National Convention and explore the great city of Minneapolis. But rest assured, there will be at least some of the usual complement of ridiculous mashups, nerd contemplation, and crankiness, with a potential extra helping of the Guthrie Theater.

-Ellie Kemper to be sprightly, adorable, in unnecessary remake.

-Not content with a Super Bowl ring, Aaron Rodgers has founded a record label.

-Journalists are the future!


-Did people really think Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was going to get better?

-Chris Dodd and Rupert Murdoch in Shanghai.