CNN: Goss Resignation Is Complete Shock To Defense Dept., Fueling Speculation Over Backstory

Jamie McIntyre, CNN’s senior Pentagon correspondent:

Well you know Tony we’re trying to find the story behind the story, what’s actually going on here with Porter Goss. And talking with intelligence officials here in the building, I can tell you it came as a complete surprise to them.

In fact, Porter Goss was apparently supposed to attend a regularly scheduled afternoon meeting that takes place right about this time in the afternoon. The Defense Department has representatives there and, according to sources, none of the people at that meeting had any advance word that Porter Goss was going to be tendering his resignation.

So it indicates the sudden nature that this took place, and again it just fuels the speculation of what the real backstory is here. And again, nobody here seems to know. They are all all just really surprised, they had no idea this was coming. And they’re really just wondering what was actually behind it.


Learn about the backstory HERE.

UPDATE: Goss releases a statement. Still no explanation as to why he resigned now.