CNN Host Calls Out Top Trump Aide For Smearing Khan Family


On Sunday morning, Trump Communications Director Jason Miller appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources to defend his candidate’s criticism of the family of Humyun Khan, a Muslim U.S. Army Captain who was killed in Iraq.

Brian Stelter, the host, began by asking why Trump claimed that Khizr Khan had “no right” to criticize him at the Democratic National Convention.

Miller responded by saying this is really about “Islamic terrorism” and tried to change the subject.

Stelter repeatedly attempted redirect Miller to Trump’s statements and the protections afforded to Khan under the First Amendment. Miller kept returning to “radical Islamic terrorism.”


“You keep mentioning radical Islamic terrorism when I mention Mr. Khan. Why do you keep responding that way when I mention him?” Stelter asked. Stelter noted that “radical Islamic terrorism” had “nothing to do with this family.”


Asked directly, Miller denied that he was trying to link Mr. Khan to terrorism.

But his strategy mirrors that of Trump himself. Asked on ABC what he would say to Mr. Khan, Trump said, “Well, I’d say we’ve had a lot of problems with radical Islamic terrorism.”


The Khans are not backing down from the attacks from Trump and his campaign. Ghazala Khan, Humyun Khan’s mother, wrote a powerful op-ed in the Washington Post responding to Trump’s attacks on her “silence” and Muslim faith.

Khizr Khan appeared on several political shows on Sunday morning and repeated his call for Republican leaders to repudiate Trump.