CNN: Leadership Staff Says Hastert Will ‘Go On The Offense,’ ‘Try To Be More Aggressive’

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) has delayed a scheduled press conference for hours, and has reportedly been in “lockdown” in his Illinois home for most of the day. According to CNN, he’s finally decided on a strategy: dig in.

CNN’s Dana Bash moments ago:

Now just to give you a little context here, what the speaker’s office is trying to do today in the wake of all of these new questions about what his office knew and when they knew it is to try to be more aggressive and to try to go more on the offense. We understand that there was actually a meeting here on Capitol Hill just a short while ago with Republican press secretaries where the Speaker’s staff told the Republican press secretaries that they’re going to try very hard to change the mood, change the atmosphere, go on the offense. And that, we understand, will include at least the speaker making it clear he does take full responsibility for this. We don’t believe — we don’t believe that he is going to announce, though, that he’s going to step down or in the near future.

UPDATE: Hastert has cancelled his fundraisers over the next two weeks, according to an MSNBC reporter:


[Hastert] has canceled all of his fundraisers. You know, he was bragging recently that he was gonna hit, it was 34 districts in 30 days to do fundraisers. He has canceled all of his fundraisers for this week and for next week. That is big.