CNN’s Kyra Phillips apologizes for hosting discredited ‘ex-gay’ guest: He wasn’t an ‘appropriate’ choice.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Kyra Phillips did a segment on the effort in California to abolish an antiquated law that requires doctors to look into “the causes and cures of homosexuality.” She brought on Bonnie Lowenthal, the California assemblywoman who’s spearheading the repeal, and Richard Cohen, the leader of the discredited conversion therapy movement. Cohen has been kicked out of the American Counseling Association, and his views have been dismissed by every established medical group. After a week of strong criticism from media observers and LGBT groups, Phillips yesterday apologized for bringing Cohen on, and hosted Dr. Clinton Anderson of the American Psychological Association, who disputed Cohen’s views. From Phillips’ comments:

PHILLIPS: I would like to take a moment to address many of you who e-mailed me about our Tuesday segment on this topic. Personally, I thought the absurd nature of the California law we discussed would speak for itself, but unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way. Richard Cohen was not the most appropriate guest to have on, but it is a decision that we made and the result of that is our continued discussion today.

That is what journalism is all about, and we will continue to do our best to discuss gay and lesbian issues in a fair way on this program. I wish that all of you knew my heart, and as a journalist with a long track record of covering gay and lesbian issues, I wish that those of you who sent me vicious e-mails watched my newscast more often, because if they did, my guess is, they would not have been so quick to send such hateful messages. They don’t know my record and my unswerving support for all communities in the battle for human rights, including gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals.

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