Coal: A Love Story — Must-Watch Journalism

Last night, I finally watched the new interactive documentary series called Coal: A Love Story. It’s one of the best pieces of storytelling I’ve seen on energy. Actually, it’s one of the best web-based journalism pieces on any subject I’ve seen.

With a blend of powerful narratives and interactive graphics, the story pulls at a few threads in the complex fabric that binds us to coal in America. We often talk in simple terms when discussing the future of energy. But when it comes down to it, we’re really discussing people’s lives — and no matter how much we want to “get off coal,” this story reminds us of the human forces behind that transition.

The project was released in late July by a team at the University of North Carolina called Powering a Nation. The project was funded through News 21, an investigative reporting initiative for 21-century journalism. Below is one of the short vignettes. I recommend you visit the interactive site and watch the whole thing.

Unknown iFrame situation

lyric 4: fight for what we love (interactive) from Powering a Nation on Vimeo.