Coal ash spill may reach Washington, DC.

According to the Maryland Department of the Environment, approximately 4,000 gallons of toxic coal ash has spilled into the North Branch of the Potomac River in Luke, MD. A “dime sized” hole developed in the pipeline on March 8, but was not discovered until the next morning. Pete Altman at the NRDC writes:

I don’t know how long it’ll take for the spill to reach DC proper, but its a hell of a way to send a message about how much we need to regulate the handling of this stuff. All the more reason to thank the Obama Administration for announcing plans to propose federal regulations for coal waste.

[featuredcomment]FuzzyToedDog Says: Mine site blast causes pond to overflow — Barton, MD

This also just happend over the weekend — 5 miles up the road from Luke, MD.


“Sediment already in the pond was immediately displaced, sending an unspecified amount of the earthen materials down over a hill into a tributary of Moore’s Run and onto the coal haul road.”

This of course goes into the Potomac as well.[/featuredcomment]