Coal Front Group Forced To Take Down ‘Coal Carolers’ Campaign In The Face Of Widespread Scorn

On Wednesday, ThinkProgress reported on a holiday campaign by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), a coal industry front group, featuring illustrated lumps of coal singing Christmas carols whose altered lyrics praised coal power. The campaign, which also featured a Facebook page, received widespread ridicule around the blogosphere and the press, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow devoted an entire segment to it Wednesday night.

Now ACCCE has scrubbed the “Coal Carolers” from its website; the link to the old carolers page redirects viewers to a blog post posting that “it’s time for them to go home for the holidays”:

The group’s Facebook page has also been taken down.

ACCCE did not find the mockery of its holiday campaign amusing. In fact, yesterday it published a touchy blog post defending its use of “Silent Night” — a song about the birth of Jesus Christ — to sell dirty energy. “I’ll put my years as a Sunday school teacher, church deacon and church musician up against just about anybody else when it comes to understanding hymnology and respect for religious traditions,” wrote ACCCE’s VP for Communications Joe Lucas. Nonetheless, it took down the “Silent Night” song.


If it’s true that ACCCE had intended this to be a short-lived campaign, it’s odd that they never previously mentioned that fact — and even odder that the entire campaign would have to be scrubbed from the website.


Jesse Jenkins has more here.


,FLASHBACK: Americans for Balanced Energy Choices — which became ACCCE — was forced to take down a promotional campaign last February, after ThinkProgress documented physicians’ objections to using children as spokesmen for dirty coal.