College student shouts ‘You lie!’ to Alberto Gonzales during speech.

Former Bush attorney general Alberto Gonzales recently spoke at the University of Tennessee at Martin about “Living Legal History: Working with the White House, the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court.” Gonzales received a “mixed” response from students and residents, and he had a Joe-Wilson moment when a student interrupted his speech and shouted out “You lie!”:

At one point, Gonzales referred to America’s war on terrorism.

“President Wilson and Roosevelt engaged in massive collections of electronic communications during the first and second world war,” Gonzales said. “The collection performed by President Bush was much more narrow.”

At this moment, a student in the crowd interjected with: “You lie!” After some quiet applause the speech continued.


Gonzales is currently a political science professor at Texas Tech, where students and faculty have protested his appointment. (HT: TPM)