Colorado Bill Requires Businesses To Allow Concealed Weapons Or Hired Armed Guards

In Colorado, state Sen. Kent Lambert has a new bill that pressures businesses to allow permit-holding customers to carry concealed weapons. If they don’t, businesses would need to pay a security guard per 50 customers and “face increased liability.”

Lambert pointed to the Aurora movie theater shooting as reason why gun-packing customers should be part of the everyday shopping experience, adding that “[i]f businesses don’t allow people to defend themselves [the bill] puts the onus on them to provide security for their customers.”

That is not the only proposal coming out of the Colorado legislature. There is one proposal to open up schools to guns. And for the eighth year in a row, Rep. Justin Everett (R) introduced his “Make My Day Better” bill to allow work employees to use deadly force if necessary. He calls it a “pro-business bill.”

In the past, the strongest opponent of such “pro-business” bills has been business. Tennessee considered a bill, backed by the National Rifle Association, that would let employees to store guns in parking lots. Businesses, hospitals, and the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce all opposed the proposal.