Colorado Catholic Charities Threaten To Shut Down If Gays Allowed To Enter Into Civil Unions

During last week’s hearing before the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee, a spokesperson from Catholic Charities testified that if the state legally recognized same-sex civil unions, the organization would halt all adoption and foster care services in the state, as they have in states like Illinois. Senators Pat Steadman (D) and Ellen Roberts (R) pointed out that — unlike in other states’ laws — the proposed bill clearly says that adoption agencies will not be required to place children with gay and lesbian couples, but Catholic Charities threatened to end its services nontheless:

CATHOLIC CHARITIES: We would not be able to adopt to same-sex couples.

STEADMAN: And the bill doesn’t ask you to.

ROBERTS: I just have one clarification as to whether you think the bill would prohibit those services or if you think, under a state of law, you would choose not to provide those services?


CATHOLIC CHARITIES: Under the state of law, Catholic Charities would have to discontinue our service in adoption and foster care. We would discontinue our service.

After some further discussion, Steadman summed up Catholic Charities’ “disappointing position” as, “If we have to serve everyone, we’ll choose to serve no one.” Watch the testimony and discussion:

One Colorado has started a petition encouraging Colorado legislators to “stay strong against these shocking scare tactics and threats.”