I know some of y’all have been disconcerted or frustrated by Facebook commenting here. I’m really sorry about that! A couple of handy tips:

-If you’re signed in to your Facebook account when you come here, and you want to comment using said account, congratulations, you’re basically good to go. Comment away!

-If you’re signed in to your Facebook account when you come here, but don’t want to comment using it, click the “Not you” hypertext in the comments field to sign out and sign in with something different: the options are Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail logins. You’ll be prompted to pick which account you want to use when you click “add a comment” by the button that says “Comment using…” that will then present you with your login options.

-The best thing in the world is having commenters who are willing to beta test things for you. Regular Greg at Yglesias writes:


It appears that fictional Facebook accounts are, well, not showing up. Jason’s case mirrors my own in that neither of us can view even our own comments when we’re not concurrently logged on to facebook. By contrast, David (Shor) is using his own real profile, as are you, and this is working without a hitch.

If one wants to maintain anonymity, I would like to point out that using a yahoo/hotmail/aol handle has been completely successful for Myles, and now me.

If you’re encountering any other tech issues, please don’t be shy about using the feedback form or emailing me at AlyssaObserves (at) gmail (dot) com. We appreciate your sharp eyes.