Computer Illiteracy Blows Cover

Derrick Max is the executive director of two supposedly independent, nonpartisan groups, the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security (part of the National Association of Manufacturers) and the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America’s Social Security, affiliated with the Business Roundtable. He’s a staunch supporter of overhauling Social Security.

He’s also not very good at working his computer.

When Max emailed his testimony on Social Security to the Senate, he forgot to turn off “track changes.” Whoops. Turns out the White House left its fingerprints all over his document.

The associate commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Andrew Biggs — who’s currently on loan, working out of the White House — edited Max’s now-not-so-nonpartisan testimony, making corrections, ensuring it matched the Bush line. Max forgot to erase the evidence of White House involvement in his “independent” testimony.


Note to the White House: When you’re looking for your next syncophant, make sure you pick a guy who knows how to work Microsoft Word.