Condi Rice Struggles To Differentiate Romney’s Foreign Policy From Obama’s

Bush Administration Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today couldn’t give a definitive answer when asked how Mitt Romney’s foreign policy would differ from President Obama’s. On CBS this morning, host Charlie Rose pressed Rice — who has endorsed Romney for president — on the issue, but Rice responded only with platitudes about more understanding and “greater freedom”:

ROSE: Will his foreign policy be different from the foreign policy of President Obama?

RICE: What Mitt Romney will bring to the presidency — and I believe he will be a very good president — is that he will bring first and foremost an understanding of the role the United States has to play in the world.

He understands the essence of an America that believes in free markets and free peoples that has really been the reason the world has been moving toward greater prosperity and greater freedom.


He understands that we need to reassure our friends that indeed we’re going to be with them and that our foes have to respect and indeed fear us. He has those principles and those values and he’ll be very good on the foreign policy stage.

Watch the clip:

Indeed, behind the scenes, Romney’s foreign policy looks like it is shaking up to be George W. Bush part two. However, in public, the former Massachusetts governor seems apprehensive about diverting too far from Obama. As the Los Angeles Times noted last month, “for all his criticisms of the president, it has been difficult to tell exactly what Romney would do differently” on foreign policy.