Congo’s seemingly endless civil conflict is heating back up again, with the flashpoint once again being the region around the town of Goma that’s near the Rwandan border. Conflict has been raging on-again, off-again for over a decade but the humanitarian disaster this has caused has attracted relatively little attention since there’s no plausible way to blame it on Arabs or the United Nations or to argue that if only the world would embrace unrestrained American military power the problem could be solved.

On the contrary, the best hope for the country keeps being that UN peacekeeping efforts there will be backed up by a force with a reasonable level of manpower and resources. But the countries with resources available haven’t been interested in ponying much of anything up. At the beginning of October the ENOUGH Project was warning that the peace process was on the verge of collapse as a result of these kind of problems and now it has, of course, collapsed. Note that despite the “humanitarian” rationales mooted for the invasion of Iraq we could have done much more good at much less cost by devoting resources to things like multilateral peacekeeping in Congo.