Congratulations, Contest Winners

The president’s 5,086 word State of the Union address offered almost endless possibilities for this year’s sixteen-word phrase that will ultimately come back to haunt the White House. ThinkProgress readers sent in so many great possibilities for our contest that it was hard to choose just one. So we picked two.

The winning sixteen words? “The principle here is clear: a taxpayer dollar must be spent wisely, or not at all.”

Many of you agreed that, with President Bush’s penchant for expensive tax cuts and pricey legislation like his $2 trillion social security proposal combined with an inability to keep track of billions of dollars in Iraq, this was the obvious choice. Congratulations to del999 for being the first to submit these sixteen words — we’ll be in touch to find out where to send your brand-new Center For American Progress fleece vest.

Also, congratulations to Dave S. for pointing out the 16 words President Bush should have said but didn’t: “We have finally created a comprehensive and clear exit strategy for leaving the country of Iraq.” Hope you enjoy your new vest, Dave.


Thanks to everyone who submitted entries.