Congressional Budget Office Head Destroys Romney Talking Point That Obamacare Hurts The Economy

Though Mitt Romney and other Republicans have been claiming that the Affordable Care Act is costing American jobs, causing economic calamity and stifling small businesses, the Congressional Budget Office disagrees.

Today, Douglas Elmendorf, head of the CBO, became the latest expert to reject the GOP argument. He told reporters:

We don’t think that the health care law is having a significant impact on the economy today. There are a lot of pieces of the law, some unfolding today, and expectations that future changes in policy can matter, but we don’t think it is having a significant impact on the economy today.

This comes in the wake of comments from Sean Keehan, a senior economist with the Office of the Medicare Actuary, that “for the next three years, health-care spending is going to stay near its historic lows,” thanks in part to Obamacare. And their projections show that even adding 30 million Americans to health care rolls over the next few years, the law will control national expenditures.