Congressman demands reporter be fired for being ‘disrespectful to Trump’

The same Texas Republican compared Barack Obama to ‘Adolph Hitler’ on this day in 2015.

Now-Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX), during his 2012 campaign CREDIT: AP Photo/Pat Sullivan
Now-Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX), during his 2012 campaign CREDIT: AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

A day after Donald Trump shouted down CNN reporter Jim Acosta at his first “press conference” since July and accused his network of providing “fake news,” a Republican Congressman is demanding that Acosta be fired.

Two years ago to the day, Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) made national news for a tweet comparing the president of the United States — unfavorably — to Hitler. He later apologized for his observation that “Even Adolph [sic] Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn’t do it for right reasons,” and deleted the tweet.

He never removed a January 2014 tweet in which he called Obama “Kommandant-In-Chef”… the Socialistic dictator,” nor others suggesting POTUS stood for “Poor Obama Trashed U.S.”

But now, apparently, Weber has decided that being rude to the president is an offense worthy of firing.

On Thursday morning, he tweeted:

Weber, whose Congressional website notes that he is in caucuses dedicated to the 2nd and 10th amendments, does not appear to understand the 1st amendment. Though he has previously denounced the IRS for “interfering with 501(c)(4) organization’s [sic] public participation” and “1st Amendment right of free speech” and denounced the 2015 Paris attacks as “nothing but a cowardly attempt to scare and destroy the right to free speech,” Weber’s tweet suggests that he does not believe free speech should be equally protected for those who would dare ask Donald Trump about his relationship with the Russian Federation.


Weber, who succeeded Rep. Ron Paul (R) in 2013 as Congressman for Texas’ 14th District, has used his time in Congress to propose legislation to strip same-sex couples of legal recognition of their marriages, denounce migrant children as diseased, and mock climate science,

In October of 2015, Weber criticized the government of Turkey for interfering with media outlets that were critical of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

But 14 months later, he apparently does not want to extend robust protections to the press in his own country.

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer denied Acosta’s claim that he’d be kicked out of future press conferences if he aggressively attempts to ask questions, but did paint him as “rude, inappropriate and disrespectful.”