Congressman Tweets That America ‘Can Survive Spending Cuts’ As 10 Are Laid Off In His District

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) on Friday tried to use the positive jobs numbers over the last month to argue that America can handle the devastating budget cuts known as sequestration.

Pompeo tweeted at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), “America did fine. We can survive spending cuts.” But actually, his district isn’t doing so fine: He represents Wichita, KS, where this month preschools announced they had to cut 10 teachers and 74 students from their program for low-income kids thanks to budget cuts.

Kansas has also cut $750,000 from federal courthouses, public defenders, and prosecutors. While Congress last month voted to restore funding to the Federal Aviation Administration — because flight lines were too long — they have done little to help with devastating cuts impacting programs for low-income communities around the country.

Pompeo made a similar claim a few weeks ago when he said, “In my judgment, the pain [from the sequester] has not been too great.” Before the law even passed, he deemed it “A Home Run For America.”



An earlier version of this story said that Pompeo deleted his tweet. It is still up here.