Conservative Group Compares Obama’s Policies To Hurricane Sandy

A day after Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, a conservative group is distributing a flyer in northern Virginia that compares President Obama’s policies to a storm rolling through the state.

“WE’VE SEEN STORMS IN VIRGINIA, BUT NONE LIKE THIS,” read the Americans for Tax Reform flyer, along a picture of Obama. ATR is an anti-tax group headed up by Grover Norquist, a federal lobbyist whose infamous “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” has hindered any possibility of compromise in Congress on taxes.

A northern Virginia resident found the flyer at her apartment door Tuesday morning and passed it along to the Houston Chronicle.

Sandy wrought devastation across the state on Monday, leaving more than 100,000 Virginians without electricity.


In total, 238 congressmen and 41 senators — nearly all Republicans — have signed Norquist’s pledge.