Conservative Republican Rep. Lankford Admits The Economy Is ‘Doomed’ Without Government Spending

One of the tenets of right-wing rhetoric in the United States is to reject the idea that the government should spend money in a down economy to kickstart growth and create jobs. But during an appearance on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show last week, conservative Republican Rep. James Lankford (OK) appeared to deviate from this ideology.

Lankford informed Ratigan of a list of things he believes grow the economy, and one of the elements for growth he listed was government spending, even going as far as to say that if “we’re hammered” in that area — meaning we don’t have enough government spending — we’re “doomed”:

LANKFORD: An economy grows based on its own consumption, based on investment, based on government spending, and based on trade. And if we’re hammered on all of those, we’re doomed.

Watch it:


It is refreshing to see Lankford break with the ultra-conservative orthodoxy of his political party. One would hope he would back up his words with his votes in the future.