Conservatives Deny Reality, Claim Increasingly Popular Recovery Plan Is Losing Support

In his Wall Street Journal column today, former Bush adviser Karl Rove claims that House Republicans “are playing their hand extraordinarily well.” “House Republicans have used the stimulus bill to redefine their party, present ideas on how to revive the economy, and force congressional Democrats and the president to take ownership of the spending programs soon to be signed into law,” writes Rove.

As proof of their success, Rove claimed that “support for the stimulus is failing”:

The payoff is that support for the stimulus bill is falling. CBS News polling reveals a 12-point drop in support of the bill over the past month. Pew Research and Rasmussen have turned in similar numbers. The more Americans learn about the bill, the less they like it.

On Fox News this afternoon, Deputy Managing Editor Bill Sammon pushed the same message, saying that “public support has gradually declined as more and more details of this stimulus bill have come to light.” Later, during an interview with Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, Fox’s Trace Gallagher said the American people “support what the president is doing,” but “they don’t support this plan.” Watch it:

Though pollsters found “a modest decline” in support last week, the popularity of a recovery package has risen this week.


For instance, a Gallup poll released Monday found that 67 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s push for an economic recovery package. Another Gallup poll out today finds that support for an $800 billion recovery plan has increased from 52 percent to 59 percent:

It’s also ironic that Rove cites Rasmussen today, considering that hours after his column was published, Rasmussen released a new poll showing that Obama has “boosted support for the economic recovery plan working its way through Congress.” According to Rasmussen, 44 percent of U.S. voters now support the plan, compared to 37 percent last week.