Conservatives for Socialized Medicine

One thing I always wonder about critics of government involvement in health care is how is it that the British system is so terrible, nobody seems to have told the UK’s population? Here, for example, is the Conservative Party’s policy statement on the National Health Service:

In its bricks and mortar, people and services, the NHS embodies something which is truly great about Britain. That something is equity: the spirit of fairness for all and the equal right of everyone regardless of age, background or circumstance to get the healthcare they need.

It really is one of the most precious gifts we enjoy as British citizens, providing a lifeline to families up and down the country. That is why the Conservative Party has made the NHS its number one priority. We back it, and want to built it and improve it for everyone. […]

This document sets out the Conservative Party’s plan to renew our bureaucratised NHS. At its heart is an unambiguous commitment to give the NHS the funding it needs. […]


We should be proud that, in its sixtieth year, people are beginning to look at the Conservative Party as the party of the NHS. But we’ve got to live up to that honour.

They love socialism! And surely it’s not because nobody in the Party of Thatcher is familiar with the right-wing critique of this model of health care. Nor is it because nobody in the Party of Thatcher believes in the standard right-wing critique of the model. But to the people who actually pay the taxes to finance the NHS and receive the services provided by the NHS, talk of dismantling it and moving to the glories of free market medicine is so politically toxic that even the right-of-center party banishes any such talk. Instead, they promise more money and “establishing an independent board to run our NHS” so that “we can take politicians out of its day-to-day management.”