Conservatives On Palin: She Should ‘Read A Few More Books’

Over the last several weeks, Sarah Palin has made some puzzling statements. She claimed that the recently approved Wall Street bailout would “help those who are concerned about health care reform,” could not name a single newspaper or magazine that she regularly reads, and failed to provide a single Supreme Court decision besides Roe v. Wade with which she disagrees.

Palin’s repeated false claims and revealing misstatements have several prominent members of the conservative establishment worried. On this morning’s political talk shows, they voiced their concerns:

— David Brooks on CBS’s Face the Nation: “I don’t think she’s qualified to be President… I prefer someone who’s read a few more books.”

— Peggy Noonan on NBC’s Meet the Press: “I think she showed that she is a women of great and natural competence about the show business of politics. … There are questions about other areas. … Would Lincoln say, ‘I represent the backwoods types?’”


— Kathleen Parker on CNN’s Reliable Sources: “I do think we gave her a pass up front. And when I say ‘we,’ I’m just talking about people associated with the more conservative side.”

Watch a compilation: