Conservatives’ Short-Term Memory Problem

How did Bill Frist commemorate the one-week anniversary of the London terrorist attacks? By cutting transit security funds.

On the way to passing a $31.8-billion Homeland Security spending bill Thursday, Senate Republican leaders beat back a series of attempts — pressed by senators from states with large urban centers — to increase money for mass transit protection by as much as $1.4 billion. …

In the Senate’s spending bill, rail and transit safety measures were allotted $100 million, a drop of $50 million from last year.

One week.


And the Senate did the very same thing after last year’s metro attacks in Madrid, blocking two bills to beef up transit security. Keep in mind that a recent study by the American Public Transportation Association estimated that rail systems need some $6 billion for security improvements. This year’s amount, $100 million, is about eight hours of typical spending in Iraq. It’s just beyond belief.