Conserve Energy, Splurge on the Technology

Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, summed things up quite well: “We really view energy efficiency as the fifth fuel.”

Luckily, cities, states, and utility companies across the nation have begun to recognize the plethora of benefits to energy efficient technologies: they demand more from less, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, are increasingly cost effective, and are available. At this point, reaping the benefits is a matter of making the commitment.

On the flip side, the United States is falling more and more behind in the industry for energy efficient technology. This week the European Union is releasing a paper that sketches how the EU will proceed to spark ‘”a new industrial revolution” that will “transform Europe into a highly energy-efficient and low-CO2 energy economy” by the mid-century.’

While we dwell and debate over our lagging 20th century technology, the EU is poised to burst out of the gates and and lead the industry in innovation and jobs. Already, the EU has access to an entire carbon market of which the U.S. is essentially shut out.


It’s time to make the ‘fifth fuel’ the first fuel.