Conspiracy Theorist Edward Klein Concern-Trolls Hillary Clinton’s Weight

Edward Klein, the writer who makes a living alleging ugly nonsense like the idea that President Obama was born overseas, that Bill Clinton raped Hillary Clinton, and that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian, has taken it on himself to start fat-shaming the Secretary of State.

“She’ll be 69 years old. And as you know — and I don’t want to sound anti-feminist here — but she’s not looking good these days. She’s looking overweight, and she’s looking very tired,” he said on Fox News in a discussion of whether Clinton will run for president in 2016. “I think she’s going to take some time off, get back into shape. And if her health holds out — that’s a big if, of course — if her health holds out, there’s no question in my mind she and Bill — two for the price of one — will run in 2016.”

I’m so glad to see that Klein, in a change from his normal slipshod gossip-mongering, sat down with Hillary Clinton’s physician to discuss her health or obtained her medical records. And it’s so nice of him to be concerned about the health of the most powerful woman in the American government. Who knew that being the Secretary of State was a stress-free position that doesn’t require a ton of travel? Or that when you’re in your sixties, you’re supposed to look the same way you did in your forties? This kind of insightful commentary is why Ed Klein is such a national treasure, and right-wing publishers Regnery are so courageous for making his ideas get out into the world.

The Fox host who had Klein on complained that Clinton “looks like she’s not trying, to be honest.” I’m sure that Clinton, now that she knows her job is to be eye candy for men who want to make sure that all women conform to their aesthetic requirements, rather than the representative of the United States around the world, will rectify that immediately, go on a diet, ditch the scrunchie, and start to spend hours in makeup. Because it’s not like there’s anything happening anywhere in the world that requires her time and attention.


Or she could rock a great pair of sunglasses and a scarf, and keep running the world like the boss that she is: