Cornyn Refuses to Apologize, Defends Earlier Remarks

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) was on the floor of the Senate last night trying to limit the fallout from his incendiary remarks about judges. But he didn’t apologize or repudiate what he said. Instead, he just lashed out at his critics. Cornyn began:

As a former judge myself for 13 years, who has a number of close personal friends who still serve on the bench today, I am outraged by recent acts of courthouse violence. I certainly hope that no one will construe my remarks on Monday otherwise. Considered in context, I don’t think a reasonable listener or reader could.

In other words, Cornyn stands by everything he said. The real problem is, of course, with the people who criticized him. Here’s Cornyn:

I regret it that my remarks have been taken out of context to create a wrong impression about my position, and possibly be construed to contribute to the problem rather than to a solution.


Cornyn doesn’t regret what he said. He only regrets that people took what he said “out of context.”

Watch the video, read the transcript and judge for yourself. Cornyn is just digging his hole deeper.