Curmudgeon of the Day

That’d be Scott Lemieux: “And boring. Don’t forget boring. If you’re at a decent July 4th party, whatever you were doing is more fun than the fireworks.”

Look, in the grand scheme of things fireworks are not actually that interesting. That’s why people attend parties much more frequently than they attend fireworks displays. But by the same token, they do big fireworks displays once a year and if you don’t get more opportunities than they to socialize at a decent party you need to make more friends not complain about the fireworks. And for as long as it lasts — boom! pretty explosives! it’s fun!

Here’s the band Explosions in the Sky to make the point that explosions in the sky are neat:


That said when I was in Russia one summer and the Americans in Nizhny Novgorod wanted to do something to celebrate our great land, the piece of nostalgia from home that people thought of was peanut butter rather than fireworks.