Dallas Cowboys Open An In-Stadium Victoria’s Secret

Last night’s football game between the Bears and the Cowboys may have been a regular-season game, but it marked a rather more dubious milestone: the Cowboys opened what I imagine is the first underwear outlet in a professional sports stadium:

How ’bout them Cowgirls. Pink, the shop for young women from Limited Brands Inc.’s (NYSE:LTD) Victoria’s Secret chain, has teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys to open an NFL apparel store inside Cowboys Stadium. Jerry Jones, owner of the National Football League Dallas Cowboys, told a Dallas radio station that the store was opening Monday. “We think it’s cute as a bug,” Jones said, according to reports.

I hate the trend of turning arenas into amusement parks, in part because they imply that whatever sporting event is taking place there isn’t actually engaging enough to hold an audience’s attention. And I think the kinds of extras teams add to their stadiums are telling. Kids, who are presumed to get bored during games, get Build-A-Bear Workshops and playgrounds. And now women can shop for cute clothes while their husbands or boyfriends enjoy the game. Men, it’s presumed, fueled by beer and grease, will be glued to the game, even if they end up watching it on a flatscreen at one of the bars that crop up at stadiums in one of the great weird cons professional teams have pulled off with miraculous success.

I’m all for team gear that actually fits women, demand for which teams seem to have capitalized on rather nicely, if I may say so about my Wes Welker jersey, and I’m up for almost anything that dissuades teams from seeking public financing for stadiums. But it would be awfully nice if franchises focused on making the actual experience of staying in your seat and watching a game appealing, rather than by cynically suggesting that ladies need malls and kids need jungle gyms to make it all the way through to the final seconds of the fourth quarter.