Dan Bartlett resigns.

Dan Bartlett, Counselor to President Bush, has resigned, effective July 4, to “begin a career outside of government.” AP reports:

The move was announced on Bartlett’s 36th birthday. He has been with Bush for nearly 14 years, from Bush’s first campaign as governor of Texas, through two races for the White House and more than six years of a presidency marked by costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an ongoing battle against terrorism.

As counselor to the president, Bartlett has been at the center of White House decision-making, stepping into the public eye in times of trouble to defend Bush on everything from the unpopular war in Iraq to the government’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina and the Republicans’ loss of Congress.

President Bush has released a statement that reads in part:


Laura and I will miss Dan Bartlett very much. Dan has been a true counselor to the president, his contribution has been immeasurable. I value his judgment and treasure his friendship.

UPDATE: CNN’s full report: