Dartmouth ROTC Policy Not Swayed By Pending DADT Repeal

Though a number of other Ivy League schools have considered expanding ROTC on campus with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell imminent, Dartmouth College is not among them. Dartmouth has allowed ROTC to operate on campus through Norwich University, but it’s an incredibly small program with currently only 13 enlistees.

Though the program’s director, Sgt. Maj. Levi Bennett, is advocating for it to grow, Dartmouth’s LGBT adviser, Pam Misener, is hesitant:

Any changes, especially growing and expanding changes, should happen only after we see the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy fully repealed. I personally would not support any such [expansionist] moves until we know how the repeal is going to look.

Conversations about any changes have not referenced the fact that even after DADT’s repeal is certified, the military will still discriminate against people who are transgender. As at many of the other schools who have invited ROTC back to campus, such discrimination is in violation of Dartmouth’s nondiscrimination statement, which includes protections for gender identity or expression.