Dawn of the brain-dead House: Politico reports GOP stuffing Energy and Commerce with ‘Climate Zombies’

Yes, the Politico has picked up the technical term “Climate Zombie.” But the real news from the inside-the-beltway gaggle is that the GOP is shrinking the House Energy and Commerce committee and stuffing it with those zombies:

GOP LINEUP CARD — Republicans yesterday opted to shrink the size of the full committee by seven seats to 52 members, reserving 30 seats for themselves. They also filled out their side of the roster, naming a dozen new members to the panel (not including Greg Walden): Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (Wash.), Pete Olson (Texas), Brian Bilbray (Calif.), Brett Guthrie (Ky.), Gregg Harper (Miss.), Bill Cassidy (La.) and first-termers Charlie Bass (N.H.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Mike Pompeo (Kan.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), David McKinley (W.Va.) and Morgan Griffith (Va.). [The list was obtained by POLITICO from multiple GOP sources; the 30–22 split comes from a source familiar with the discussions:]

‘ZOMBIES’ — Seven of the panel’s newcomers are on ThinkProgress’s “Climate Zombie” list: McMorris-Rodgers, Olson, Bilbray, Harper, Bass, Gardner and McKinley.

This isn’t good for the country, of course, but it will keep ClimateProgress busy — see Why the victory of the Tea Party extremists (backed by Big Oil) over the slightly less extreme GOP establishment (also backed by Big Oil) is good for progressives, but bad for climate and clean energy.


Credit for coining the term, ‘climate zombie’, I believe, goes to R L Miller of DailyKos (see “Attack of the climate zombies!”). The term has ‘life’, as it were!

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