Days After Calling For Laser Attack On North Korea, Gingrich Says Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A ‘Fantasy’

On the heels of a North Korean missile test last night, President Obama said in a speech today in Prague that he wants to put forth an agenda “to seek the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.” “This goal will not be reached quickly — perhaps not in my lifetime,” he said. “It will take patience and persistence.”

When Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Newt Gingrich about Obama’s speech the morning, Gingrich linked Obama’s goal to what he called former President Carter’s “fantasy view of the world”:

GINGRICH: The president’s in a world where Hamas is firing missiles every day into Israel, Iran is building nuclear weapons, and the North Koreans today during — basically during his speech fired a missile, and he has some wonderful fantasy idea that we’re going to have a great meeting next year. […] I just think that it’s very dangerous to have a fantasy foreign policy, and it can get you in enormous trouble.

Watch it:

It’s ironic that Gingrich is calling Obama’s foreign policy a “fantasy,” given that just last week, he contrived an imaginary war plan in response to North Korea’s planned missile launch. On Fox News last Wednesday, Gingrich said that the United States should use lasers to preemptively attack North Korea’s missile (before it launched) in order to prevent a North Korean nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack on the U.S.


Earlier on the segment this morning, Gingrich said that he would have taken out the missile on the launch pad, though his specifics for how to do so were notably vague: “There are three or four techniques that could have been used, from unconventional forces to standoff capabilities.”