DDOT Releases Streetcar Vision

DC Department of Transportation has released its long-awaited long-term vision for streetcars in the city. See a big PDF here.

I think this would be pretty great. I also agree with Councilman Tommy Wells’ critique that the North-South line through Capitol Hill should be moved further east. If you’re going to make a big investment in rail transit, the goal should be to try to drive new development. The part of the Hill they have it going through is very nice and prosperous as is. It’d make sense to give it a big new infrastructure investment if the idea was to substantially increase the density, but the residents are never going to go for it. Further east there’s much more vacant land and residents who are more objectively in need of enhanced public services.


The other thing that might be worth considering is what if the Georgia Ave / Seventh Street line jagged east at Archives and then ran up North Capitol street for a while instead of jagging west to 14th street. That would be more expensive, but also do more to invest in an area with more objective needs than the already-pretty-fancy 14th street corridor. I wonder how much more expensive it would be.